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Red (Sponge and Bamboo) Coral  Earrings

10 styles - all at $35.00

Red Bamboo Coral Earrings
Style 1: "Two Wheels"
Red Bamboo Coral Earrings
Style  2: "Barrel Wheels"
Red Bamboo Coral Earrings
 Style 3: "Barrel Chips"
Red Bamboo Coral Earrings
Style 4: "Freeform Barrel"
Red Bamboo Coral Earrings
 Style 5: "Wheel Beads"
Red Bamboo Coral Earrings
Style 6: "Pearl Wheel"
Red Bamboo Coral Earrings
Style 7: "Two Bamboo Barrel"
Red Bamboo Coral Earrings
Style 8: "Sponge Nugget"
Red Bamboo Coral Earrings
Style 9: "Pearl Sponge"
Red Bamboo Coral Earrings
Style 10: "Pearl Sticks"

Red  Coral Earrings

These individually crafted earrings are part of
The Coral Studio's new 35th Wedding Anniversary jewelry collection.
See also Jade Earrings
as well as our Fossil Coral Earrings

We endeavor to have something for everyone
somewhere on our pages.

Red Coral Earrings

Choose your style here

Gift Wrap Service: $5.00

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name and words.
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Complement your
pair of earrings
with a Bracelet

Earrings make great gifts...

People have been visiting us to buy Wildlife Figurines since 1999, Trinket Boxes since 2003 and Christmas Tree Ornaments since 2006.  Our new Fossil Coral Earrings,  and Coral Pendants are now also proving very popular with visitors to the British Virgin Islands. Many of our pieces are given as Wedding Favors or as 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts and we are now offer a special Anniversary Pendant Set for that celebration.


Each of our items is carefully handmade by artisans and skilled craftsmen and uses natural products. Therefore, variations in finishes, color, inclusions, and detailing are anticipated and expected. Please make sure you review our terms and conditions before you order.
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