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 Post Earrings from The Coral Studio

All earrings are available in all colors

(Coral Red)
View other colors
and larger images
Tree Frog
(Aquamarine Blue)
View other colors
and larger images
(Wedgwood Blue)
View other colors
and larger images
(Olive Green)
View other colors
and larger images
Sand Dollar
(Charcoal Black)
View other colors
and larger images

All earrings arrive
to you in a pillow box.
Close the top flap to
make a great gift idea 

Post earring
beside a US Dime
All post earrings have stainless steel comfort backs.
All are supplied in a clear pillow box with a descriptive insert.

Colors available are
Aquamarine Blue, Charcoal Black, Caribbean Blue,
Coral Red,  Olive Green, Hot Pink, Mint Green,
Purple / Mauve, Coral Rose and  Wedgwood Blue.

View our selection of Drop Earrings

Virgin Island Fossil Coral Earrings make great gifts...

These individually crafted earrings are part of The Coral Studio's jewelry collection which also includes many drop earrings too.
Made using fossil coral gathered in the British Virgin Islands and then carefully prepared for use by ourselves,
 these new and carefully hand worked earring designs feature especially chosen tropical subjects.

They have a matte finish and are not painted.
The color is added by hand during the casting process.
They have the same stony texture as the fossil coral that was prepared for their crafting.
Each one is hand made: For every earring, first the relief is made and then, afterwards, the backing, tinted with a different color, is added.
Every earring is completely hand made. 
The Coral Studio employs no mass production techniques, only skilled craftspeople.

Each of our items is carefully handmade by artisans and skilled craftsmen and uses a natural product gathered and refined locally.
Therefore, variations in finishes, castings, color, inclusions, and detailing are anticipated and expected.
Please make sure you review our terms and conditions before you order.

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