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Earrings from The Coral Studio




8 designs - 10 colors
including Charcoal Black

Sand Dollar
Scallop Shell
Sea Horse

8 designs
10 colors


Sand Dollar

5 designs
10 colors



5 designs - 10 colors
including Charcoal Black

Designs with Jade and Red Coral




Nephrite Jade Earrings
12 designs

Nephrite Jade
Ching Hai Jade
Olive Jade

$35.00 - $85.00

Sponge Coral
Bamboo Coral


Sponge Coral Earrings
10 designs

The Coral Studio's Earring Collection makes for some great gifts

Many people visit our pages looking for 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts.

See here earrings made of plain fossil coral,  with accents to enhance them.

Also earrings entirely made of Jade and of Red Coral, particularly suitable as35th Anniversary Gifts.

Virgin Island Fossil Coral Earrings have a matte finish and are not painted. The color is added by hand during the casting process.
They have the same stony texture as the fossil coral that was prepared for their crafting.
Each one is hand made.
For every earring, first the relief is made and then, afterwards, the backing, tinted with a different color, is added.
Every earring is completely hand made. 
The Coral Studio employs no mass production techniques, only skilled craftspeople.

People have been visiting us to buy Wildlife Figurines since 1999,
 Trinket Boxes since 2003 and Christmas Tree Ornaments since 2006.
Our new Coral Earrings, and Coral Pendants are now also proving very popular with visitors to the British Virgin Islands.
Many of our pieces are given as Wedding Favors or as 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts.

 Earrings in History

Earrings have been a part of women's accoutrements from time immemorial.  In every society, the world over, earrings are a fashion statement .

Because earrings generally have to be worn in a hole pierced in the ear their introduction was probably later than pendants or finger rings, but today their popularity is overwhelming. No self respecting fashion show would be complete without the latest styles of earring to set off and complement the clothing chosen for the occasion. Any gala event is an opportunity to show off one's taste in earrings. Earrings add that “little something” to one's appearance.
Earrings come in many styles, materials and colors. From the very formal tiny pieced ear precious stone post earrings to the exotic and wildly informal long dangly drop style earrings worn to catch and hold the eye of every person the wearer meets.
Designs in jewelry, including earrings, change over the years as new materials are discovered and brought into use. Perhaps flowers were the first adornments chosen to amplify the glamour of the wearer, but nowadays the variety of materials is almost overwhelming. So, too, the designs have become without number. If flowers behind the ear were the first idea to be used then rapidly came the idea of hanging other treasures in the same place. The “break through” concept of piercing a hole in the ear arrived and everything changed. Earrings became an indispensable part of every wardrobe and the jewelry box was born.

The Coral Studio's Virgin Island Fossil Coral range specializes in colorful tropical designs of both drop earrings, also known as pendant or dangling earrings, and post or stud type earrings, all intended to invoke remembrances of vacations and times at the beach. Lighthearted and ingenuous, our earrings typify the carefree feeling we all have when work is farthest from our minds. We invite you to join with us and enjoy our pages as you search for the gift of your choice. 

Each of our items is carefully handmade by artisans and skilled craftsmen and uses a natural product gathered and refined locally; therefore, variations in finishes, castings, color, inclusions, and detailing are anticipated and expected. Please make sure you review our terms and conditions before you order.

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