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Decorated Tortoise Miniature Collectible Figurines

1 Double color $16.00;  2 Double Color $27.90
1 Single Color $12.00; 2 Single Color $19.90
$9.95 each when you buy two different single color together

Double Color Models
Deco Tortoise in Virgin Island Fossil Coral
White over
Tropical Rose
Click picture to enlarge
Deco Tortoise in Virgin Island Fossil Coral
White over
Celadon Green
Click picture to enlarge
Deco Tortoise in Virgin Island Fossil Coral
White over
Wedgwood Blue
Click picture to enlarge
Single Color Models
Tortoise Figurine
Tortoise Figurine
Caribbean Blue
Tortoise Figurine
Cup Coral Yellow
Tortoise Figurine
Charcoal Black
Tortoise Figurine
Celadon Green
Tortoise Figurine
Coral Red
Tortoise Figurine
Sea Mint Green
Tortoise Figurine
Hot Pink Fuchsia

Tortoise Figurine
Fire Coral Yellow
Tortoise Figurine
Sea Fan Purple
Tortoise Figurine
Wedgwood Blue
Tortoise Figurine
Plain Coral White
Tortoise Figurine
Tropical Rose

Deco Tortoise Dimensions:
Height: 1 inch; Length: 2 5/8 inches
Width: 1 1/4 inches; Shipping Weight:: 1/2 lb


See one from all sides

Tropical Rose
Double Color Model
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360° view

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Deco Tortoise Double Color
Double Color Tortoise
Select one of three styles

Two Double Color Tortoises
1st Tortoise Color?

2nd Tortoise Color?

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Deco Tortoise Single Color
Single Color Tortoise
Select a Color


Two Single Color Tortoises
1st Tortoise Color

2nd Tortoise Color

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Virgin Island Fossil Coral Decorated Tortoise

This delightful little Decorated Tortoise makes an exceptional little gift. Although he is sporting a rather more decorated shell than would be found in nature, he's a favorite among collectors. Buy him for all occasions and those last minute gifts. His appealing tiny turned-up face will melt the hardest heart among us.

Virgin Island Fossil Coral Figurines are not painted...

They are shot through with color as they are made. Every figurine made is unique. The technique of the artisan in laying in the colors, the batch of white fossil coral prepared for use, the temperature, the humidity, all affect how the colors will flow. No two will ever be exactly the same. All our pieces are all individually made. The Coral Studio employs no mass production techniques, only skilled craftsmen.

Gift Suggestions for our Deco Tortoise

Kids Gift,  "Get Well" Gift,  "Thank You" Gift,   Bridesmaid Gift,  Baby Shower Gift,  Hanukkah Gift,   Easter Gift,  Turtle Collector,  Miniature Animal Collector


Tortoise Facts

In the British Virgin Islands we see mostly aquatic turtles. However, we have one land based Tortoise: The Red Legged Tortolan Tortoise, specimens of which may be seen at the Botanic Garden here.

Turtles and tortoises are ancient life forms, dating from the Triassic period, about 200 million years ago. Tortoises are very long lived, some species reaching up to 80 years old. The largest land tortoise in the world is the giant Galapagos Tortoise whose shell can measure up to 6' and the largest Sea Turtle is the Leatherback which can grow to 8'. Aquatic turtles are mostly carnivorous, whereas terrestrial tortoises are mostly vegetarian and one of their favorite foods is the delectable Hibiscus Flower, of which we also make a sculpture.

In the USA the word Turtle has become an inclusive word that refers to all species of aquatic turtle, sea turtle, terrapin and, also, the tortoise. But, strictly speaking, only the word Tortoise should be used when referring to a type of turtle that has adapted to life on land. One significant difference is that land based tortoises have elephant-shaped legs, where their relatives, aquatic turtles, have webbed flippers.


All The Coral Studio's "Virgin Island Fossil Coral" line are made using Fossil Coral Rock from on land in the British Virgin Islands. Live coral lives underwater, and Fossil Coral can be found there too, but we use Fossil Coral exclusively gathered from on shore. It's absolutely unique because no one else in the world makes figurines this way. And when you own one of these pieces you will be displaying artwork that is ecologically friendly.

Each of our items is carefully handmade by artisans and skilled craftsmen and uses a natural product gathered and refined locally; therefore, variations in finishes, castings, color, inclusions, and detailing are anticipated and expected. Please make sure you review our terms and conditions before you order.