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Tree Frog Trinket Boxes

Available in 3 colors


Tree Frog Trinket Box
Celadon Green
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Tree Frog on Leaf

Tree Frog Box $37.00
Select one of three colors

Gift Wrap Service: $5.00
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Tree Frog Box

Height: 2 1/4 inches
Diameter: 2 1/2 inches
Shipping Weight: 0.7 lb

Tree Frog Collectible Trinket Box

Tree Frogs are dear to the heart of most people living in the Tropics Their calls may be heard just about every night, especially when it's wet. The tiny Tree Frog, found throughout the world is in many places endangered and protected.. The beloved Virgin Island Tree Frog, known as "Bo-Peep", and called in Puerto Rico "Coqui", is named for its loud mating call. At night the islands come alive with the rasping orchestra of insects and other creatures, punctuated by a loud chorus of tree frog calls.
This Tree Frog on a Box is a delightful gift to give on any occasion.  Any collector of frogs would particularly enjoy receiving it.


Tree Frog Facts

Caribbean Tree Frogs are non-poisonous, very small, often no more than 1 ½" in length, and have tiny suction cups on the base of their toes. Most often seen in shady, damp areas, climbing small shrubs and bushes, or even the walls of houses, they are unique in that the young are born as tiny froglets and not as tadpoles and it is the male who watches over the eggs and young. Indeed, froglets can often be seen hitching a ride on dad's back. Tree frogs are an important part of the tropical environment as they consume many insect pests including mosquitoes and termites.

Family: Ranidae, Genus: Eleutherodactylus

Gift Suggestions for our Frogs

Frog Collector,  Party Favor,  Child's Gift to Adult,  "Get Well Soon",  Birthday Gift,  "Thank You" Gift,  Father's Day Gift

Virgin Island Fossil Coral boxes are not painted....

Virgin Island Fossil Coral boxes are not painted — they are made with plain and colored coral. Every box made is unique. First the relief is made and then, afterwards, the base of the lid , tinted with a different color, is added at the same time as the bowl is made. Every box is completely hand made.  The technique of the artisan in laying in the relief, the batch of white fossil coral prepared for use, the temperature, the humidity, all affect how the colors and the coral will flow and affect the final result. No two will ever be exactly the same. All our pieces are all individually made. The Coral Studio employs no mass production techniques, only skilled craftspeople.


All The Coral Studio's "Virgin Island Fossil Coral" line are made using Fossil Coral Rock from on land in the British Virgin Islands. Live coral lives underwater, and Fossil Coral can be found there too, but we use Fossil Coral exclusively gathered from on shore. It's absolutely unique because no one else in the world makes figurines this way. And when you own one of these pieces you will be displaying artwork that is ecologically friendly.

Each of our items is carefully handmade by artisans and skilled craftsmen and uses a natural product gathered and refined locally; therefore, variations in finishes, castings, color, inclusions, and detailing are anticipated and expected. Please make sure you review our terms and conditions before you order.
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