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Bottlenose Dolphin Figurines and Ornaments

Dolphin Figurine, Swinning Model
Swimming Dolphin

In this figure the elegant dolphin cruises free,
out in the ocean above a foaming sea.
Dolphin, Upright
Upright Jumping Dolphin
Here our dolphin leaps
as if at Seaworld
Dolphin Drop Earrings

Earrings and pendants
are available in
many different colors
Dolphin Mini Pendants

Dolphin Tree Ornament
The Coral Studio's "Virgin Island Fossil Coral" Dolphins

Virgin Island Fossil Coral Figurines are not painted...

They are shot through with color as they are made. Every figurine made is unique. The technique of the artisan in laying in the colors, the batch of white fossil coral prepared for use, the temperature, the humidity, all affect how the colors will flow. No two will ever be exactly the same. All our pieces are all individually made. The Coral Studio employs no mass production techniques, only skilled craftsmen.

Dolphin Facts

Bottlenose Dolphins are very social marine mammals. They live in groups called pods and a calf often stays with its mother for 6 years or more. They can reach up to 11 feet in length. Dolphins breathe through a blowhole on the top of their heads. When taking a breath, dolphins exchange at least 80% of their lung air, compared with humans who only exchange about 17%. Dolphins hold their breath below water.

Latin Name: Tursiops Truncatus

All The Coral Studio's "Virgin Island Fossil Coral" line are made using Fossil Coral Rock from on land in the British Virgin Islands. Live coral lives underwater, and Fossil Coral can be found there too, but we use Fossil Coral exclusively gathered from on shore. When you own one of these pieces you will be displaying artwork that is ecologically friendly and absolutely unique as no one else in the world makes figurines this way

Each of our items is carefully handmade by artisans and skilled craftsmen and uses a natural product gathered and refined locally; therefore, variations in finishes, castings, color, inclusions, and detailing are anticipated and expected. Please make sure you review our terms and conditions before you order.