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Collectible Wildlife (Animal) Figurines

Stingray Wildlife Figurine
Butterflyfish Wildlife Statuette
Butterfly Fish
Macaw Wildlife Statuette
Macaw Parrot
Lizard Wildlife Figurine
Angelfish Wildlife Figurine
Sailfish Wildlife Figurine
Iguans Wildlife Figurine
Turtle Statuette
Hawksbill Turtle
Frog Wildlife Figurine
Posing Frog
Turtle Dove Wildlife Figurine
Turtle Dove
Dolphin Wildlife Figurine
Swimming Dolphin
Dolphin Widlife Statuette
Jumping Dolphin
Tortoise Figurine
Hummingbird Wildlife Figurine
Pelican Wiildlife Statuette
Caribbean Pelican
Kingfisher Wildlife Statuette
Tropical Kingfisher
Turtle Miniature Figurine
Loggerhead Turtle
Tree Frog Wildlife Figurine
Tree Frog

 Angelfish, Butterfly Fish, Tortoises, Dolphins, Turtles, Hummingbirds, Iguanas, Lizards,
Kingfishers, Macaws, Pelicans, Frogs, Sailfish, Starfish, Stingrays and Turtle Doves.

They are made from special Fossil Coral collected and prepared for use in our studio workshop in the British Virgin Islands.
Click on any figurine to learn more about the piece.

Virgin Island Fossil Coral Wildlife Figurines are not painted...

They achieve their special colorations by being shot through with color as they are made. Every figurine made is unique. The technique of the artisan in laying in the colors, the batch of white fossil coral prepared for use, the temperature, the humidity, all affect how the colors will flow. No two will ever be exactly the same. All our pieces are all individually made. The Coral Studio employs no mass production techniques, only skilled craftsmen.

We re-cycle what nature has thrown away!

A uniquely Virgin Island craft, for years these detailed wildlife miniatures made using white fossil coral were only collectable by visiting the British Virgin Islands. All our coral is obtained from on land and prepared for use by ourselves and all our coral  is 100% environmentally friendly. Select one of these beautiful and most individual collectibles for yourself or your friends. They make great gifts especially for Coral, Jade and 35th Wedding Anniversaries.



All The Coral Studio's "Virgin Island Fossil Coral" line are made using Fossil Coral Rock from on land in the British Virgin Islands. Live coral lives underwater, and Fossil Coral can be found there too, but we use Fossil Coral exclusively gathered from on shore. It's absolutely unique because no one else in the world makes figurines this way. So when you own one of these pieces you will be displaying artwork that is ecologically friendly.