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Collectibles, boxes, plates, plaques, ornaments, pendants and figurines featuring designs using tropical flowers and animals.

The Coral Studio has been making fine gifts and ornaments for visitors to the British Virgin Islands since 1998. Our figurines have been taken home by thousands of visitors and may be found all over the world. They have been used as as prizes in competitions and as gifts and presentations to Royalty and Heads of State. Visitors to the BVI return again and again to our store to see our latest offerings.

We are dedicated to offering you the finest service, providing helpful answers to questions about our figurines, taking the time to discuss special orders, suitability of colors for pieces and assisting you in all ways about our products. Our reputation for customer service is second to none and we always have time for more questions. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like additional information. We look forward to working with you.

Unique to The Coral Studio is that we make all the products you see in the store. Everything we offer is made by us here in our workshop. In addition, we are constantly designing new models. We undertake all aspects of production including searching out fresh fossil coral. These are ongoing processes and at certain times of year new lines inevitably take a back seat to the continuing production of existing models.

As part of our service we are committed to shipping out your order from the islands as fast as we can. For US customers, this will be the next Thursday or Monday about 2 working days after receipt of the order, because that's when our agent travels to the Post Office in the US Virgin Islands. If the product is not on the shelf, unlike stores that have to wait for deliveries of goods to reship them to you, we will make it right away for shipment within the next 4 working days. Items that are to be customized with a nameplate may sometimes take a little longer. For other customers, packages go via the U.K. and the BVI Post Office flies parcels there twice a week.

Where The Coral Studio is located

The Coral Studio is in the hills of Tortola, capital of the BVI.  From the windows of the studio can be seen the glistening blue waters of the Caribbean Sea below. All the Virgin Islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage in 1493 and Tortola, home of The Coral Studio, is one of the British Virgin Islands. There are about 65 named islands, rocks and cays in the BVI of which some 12 to 15 are inhabited. Some remain home only to sea birds, undisturbed by humankind even today. The official language is English and the population at the last census was around 26,000. The currency is the U.S. dollar and philatelists should note that these islands are unique in that this is the only place in the world where Queen Elizabeth II of England's head sits on top of the U.S. dollar sign.

The British Virgin Islands 
Location in the World
Map of the Virgin Islands
Location in the BVI
View over the Bay
View from The Coral Studio

How The Coral Studio began

For nearly 20 years we,  Fiona and David Dugdale, operated a crewed charter yacht plying the waters of the Sir Francis Drake Channel, which runs through the heart of the British Virgin Islands. Living outdoors, diving and sailing, and taking guests on island tours, gave us a great appreciation and understanding of all the creatures of the islands. However, when chartering, we came to hear, time and again, the lament that most local gift shops here in the Virgin Islands were only able to offer goods "Made in Ch*n*".  When the time came to "sling the hook" and begin a new life ashore, we decided to fill a niche obviously quite empty in the ecology of the Virgin Islands. For the most part we do all the work ourselves, with the assistance from time to time of others skilled in fettling. In addition, the procedures necessary to prepare the recovered coral for use in our casting processes are long and arduous and we often need assistance in that department as well. We enjoy our occupation and hope you will take the time to choose one for yourself or a friend. They make decorative and attractive ornaments, and will display beautifully on a shelf, mantelpiece or in a cabinet.

For the future

We are constantly striving to improve all aspects of our work, that we may be regarded as the best at what we do. We want to ensure that the product you choose will be the best we can offer and that you will return to us time and again. We are continually researching and will continue to research ways to improve the quality of your experience on our web site and make it satisfying and rewarding. We shall continue to offer new products so that visits to us will always be a fresh and exciting experience. As far as is known, we are the only company in the world that makes sculptures in this way and so you will find in our pages a unique selection of items to be found nowhere else on this planet.

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